The intended project focuses on creating a short animation film using Maya. The model will incorporate a cartoon character animation with advanced facial expressions which will be created in Zbrush for efficient use to produce facial animation at interactive rates. My intention is to demonstrate my ability as a developer as well as animator, to achieve this I will concentrate on a very detailed shop environment model. My idea will focus on two characters in a carpenter shop. A boy named Jacob and his father, the shop owner will undergo series of events leading to the big finale where Jacob becomes his comic villain Jason. The story will demonstrate how Jacob’s father, a built up carpenter, has a great control over his son by not allowing him to play in his shop. Jacob shows a particular interest towards the chainsaw which is hanged up in the shop as this reminds him of a chainsaw in his comic. When his father realises that he has to leave the shop for a few minutes, he warns Jacob not to touch anything, however after his father leaves Jacob starts to climb the shelves to see the chainsaw. He slips, the shelves collapse and the whole shop turns to ruins, while Jacob protecting himself from falling tools ends up looking similar to the comic villain Jason. His father returns to his shop only to find the chaos Jacob has caused, when he slams the doors to close the chainsaw falls on the ground. Jacob picks up the chainsaw and presses the start button, his father runs out of the shop screaming thinking that this is the real villain Jason.

The animated film will last for approximately one and half to two minutes. To begin with, a good understanding of the idea and appropriate amount of research into animations which have inspired and influenced me will be prepared. This will provide me with the basic insight knowledge of the animation I will be creating. In order to achieve detailed understanding of the character I intend to focus my research on films and short animations which provide me with many facial expressions and movements. This research will help me to create visually improved and more realistic character. For this module, my preparation for pre-production stage will involve visualising the animation by 2D drawings in a storyboard format, this will help to concentrate and block the main animation shots. I will also consider creating animatics, incorporating audio samples and/or dialogues between characters. Furthermore, I am going to create date-to-date planner, to make my project more time sufficient. This will keep me up to date with the main deadlines.

The project is intended to be educational and is accompanied by a tutorial showing techniques used to create the animation. I will also include detailed analyses of the animation including problems faced during the project and mistakes which occurred while modelling the scene and/or developing the short animated film.


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