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Posted: December 6, 2010 in Posts, The Amazing ChainSaw 3000 Script

Scene One: Introduction

In a carpenter shop a man is counting the money from the till. Next to him on the chair ten years old boy named Jacob is reading a comic book. The comic book is called ‘Jason’, a small picture can be seen on the comic book of a small kid with a scary mask and a big chainsaw.

Scene Two:

Jacob flips through some pages of his book, rolls his eyes and looks extremely bored. He then looks around the shop, his eyes stop and he stares at the glass box with a chainsaw in it.

Scene Three:

Suddenly, Jacob jumps of the chair. At the same moment his father, the shop keeper, tells him off and does not let him move from the chair. ‘I’ve told you, NO! It’s dangerous’.  Jacob sits back on his chair looking very upset and still secretly staring at the chainsaw.

Scene Four:

Jacob’s father while counting the money widens his eyes and takes an empty coin bag. He turns to Jacob and says ‘I’ll be right back’. He walks across the shop to the door and shuts the door behind him, leaving Jacob alone.

Scene Five:

Jacob realises he is alone in the shop, looks around and jumps of the chair. He then again looks around and quietly walks towards the shelve unit.

Scene Six:

His eyes open wide, the mouth drops open, he looks at the chainsaw. Jacob puts his right foot on top of the lowest shelve and starts to climb.

Scene Seven:

Jacob climbs to the top of the shelving unit; he looks down then slowly stretches his right hand towards the glass box. He then tries to pull his body up and stretches his hand further. His right foot slips; Jacob looses balance and drops on the floor. The whole shelving unit collapses.

Scene Eight:

Boxes, tools and bags fly in the air. The boxes of nails open and shatter all over the shop, the falling nails pierce the paint cans, paint sprays all over the shop.

Scene Nine:

Jacob for his own protection puts a safety helmet on his head to avoid falling nails. The nails fall on his helmet leaving some of the nails stuck to it. The spraying red paint ruins all Jacob’s clothes. Falling cement bags open and create thick dust cloud in the shop.

Scene Ten:

All shop is covered in thick dust cloud. The shop door opens and Jacob’s father walks in. His face looks very surprised and angry. He slams the door and the shop shakes from the banging sound.

Scene Eleven:

The glass box falls to the ground, breaks into pieces and The ChainSaw 3000 drops near the Jacob’s feet.

Scene Twelve:

Jacob sees the chainsaw next to him, his eyes open wide and he smiles. He bends to pick up the chainsaw, the part of helmet breaks away and lands on his face, covering Jacob’s right eye and half of his cheek. Jacob picks up the chainsaw.

Scene Thirteen:

The thick cloud dust starts to settle. Jacob’s father still standing near the door sees the blurred figure standing in the centre of his shop.

Scene Fourteen:

Jacob pulls his hand up and holds the chainsaw high above his head. He pushes the start button. Chainsaw starts up making an incredibly loud noise.

Scene Fifteen: Conclussion

Jacob father’s eyes strike with fear; he turns around, opens the shop door and runs outside screaming ‘Awwwww!!!’.

Scene Sixteen:

Jacob stares for a few moments into his own reflection. He smiles then drops down the chainsaw and says ‘Dad?’. He takes of his broken helmet and runs across the shop shouting ‘Dad, dad, wait, it’s me!’.